Photography by Sean Finnigan
For magazines, websites, brochures, virtual tours and presentations
Sean Finnigan has been a photographer since early childhood. Since the 1970s he has specialized in photography of the Caribbean people and its culture. His photography includes travel and tourist images, architectural and real estate photography, aerial photography, as well as environment and landscape photography. Published in major newspapers in Europe and the America, his photographs have also been used in reports for major international agencies, for brochures, CD covers and websites.

Photo Galleries:
Welcome to the still photo portfolio, consisting of images from the Caribbean and around the world:

Caribbean scenes:   Prayer & Dance, Haiti:
Carnival in St Maarten:   Troubled Haiti:
Carnival in Trinidad:   Haiti in the 70s:
Harvest Parade, Curacao:   Tropical Flowers:
Historic Curacao:   The Southwest:
Paragliding:   Images of Europe:
Caribbean Interior Design by Geoffrey Bradfield :

Photography of Resorts, Hotels, Villas & Real Estate
Sean Finnigan has specialized in photography of resorts, hotels, villas & real estate in the Caribbean, for use with magazines, brochures, web sites and presentations.
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Photo Slideshows:
Welcome to some recent photo slideshows from around the Caribbean :

The Heineken Regatta: Heineken Regatta
Capoeira slideshow: Capoeira slideshow
Paragliding slideshow:

Virtual tour and 360 Panoramas
Sean Finnigan has specialized in virtual tours and 360° virtual reality panoramas.
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